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Bring your play to work.

ZogSports is the largest adult recreational sports league in the country, with over 115,000 players, leagues operating in five states, and sports ranging from kickball to cornhole. Named one of the fastest growing companies and best places to work, ZogSports was looking to bring their knowledge of fun and play to the next frontier: the workplace.

ZogCulture, the new company, had their goals already firmly in place: work with companies and workplaces to plan and host both in- and out-of-office events (like field days, holiday parties, or sports tournaments) focused on fun and building interpersonal connections. What they didn’t have was a company identity, so we worked with them to host a series of brand workshops and activities to discover what they wanted ZogCulture to be: tied to the existing ZogSports style without being a direct copy, playful but still professional, and bold without being over the top. From there, we created a series of brand explorations and moodboards to capture the perfect vibe for the new endeavor — a mashup of Nickelodeon game shows and an open office nine to five. We landed on an identity full of bright colors, playfully bold sans serif type, a cast of cartoon coworkers, and exploding confetti shapes.

Once we had the brand in place, we worked with the ZogCulture team to create a site map and content structure that could not only highlight their currently existing activities, but also grow with them as they expanded into more events and offerings. The responsive site was designed and built on a fully modular structure, allowing their team to mix and match pieces and parts like their very own customizable internet LEGO kit. We also worked to bring the “fun” throughout with interactive slider and map elements, colorful hover treatments, and animated confetti. Finally, we made sure that every page connected visitors directly with ZogCulture through a combination of simple and expanded contact forms tied directly into the HubSpot CRM, generating leads and sales funnels for future events in the most frictionless user flow possible.

Agency: Friendly Design Co. Identity: Hannah Karl. Additional Identity: Olivia Huffman. Additional Development: Ouzy Mariko.

All work was designed with Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator. InVision was used to prototype interactions. The fully responsive site was built using JavaScript, Velocity.js, Gulp, and Sass on the WordPress content management system and integrating the HubSpot CRM.

Initial style and identity explorations incorporated ultra bright colors, large shape cutouts, and pastel overlays.

The refined identity explorations honed in on the brand elements that resonated with ZogCulture: bold colors, fun shapes, and bright color treatments.

The entire hierarchy was designed from the ground up to be fully modular, allowing the ZogCulture team to organize and reorganize to best highlight their stories, case studies, and activities.

Detail of the interior brand design elements, including the bright colors, cartoon coworkers, exploding confetti shapes, and simple call to action contact form.


I fell in love with design and code in 7th grade when I built a webpage in Microsoft Word.

Hosted on GeoCities, it was a middle schooler’s dream of Star Wars: lightsabers, starfields, hyperspace, character profiles, and, of course, the Mos Eisley cantina band song playing in a MIDI loop in the background. Since then, I’ve grown up alongside the web — the introduction of CSS, the explosion of JavaScript, the death of animated GIFs, the birth of Flash, the death of Flash, the rebirth of animated GIFs, Web 2.0, and too many search engines to mention (along the way, I taught myself how to make websites a little bit better than that first one). Now I’m a designer for Friendly Design Co in Washington, DC — we’re friendly people doing important work with organizations to repair our world.

I live in Richmond, Virginia. I have a border collie named Logan (yes, after the X-Man). I’m a sneakerhead and font nerd. I organize my closet by color. I was born on a Friday. I’ve been to the emergency room in every place I’ve ever lived.

Do you have an awesome project that needs design, code, or identity? I’m available for very limited freelance work, so 
reach out.

Additional Clients: African Wildlife Foundation, AOL, Audi Financial Services, Clyde's Restaurant Group, Comcast, Custom Ink, Doubletree by Hilton, EVERFI, Habitat for Humanity, jQuery Foundation, Neustar, RAINN, Renaissance Hotels by Marriott, Sweetgreen, Volkswagen Financial Services.