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Metro HotCars.

Turn up the heat on your commute.

Initially built as a humorous single page site to test out some new CSS3 animations and development techniques, Metro HotCars quickly struck a chord with DC residents fed up with the failings of the local regional transit authority. Exploding overnight based on a single tweet, the site saw over twenty five thousand unique visitors within twenty-four hours and was covered by DCist and the CBS local news.

After receiving a cease and desist from the transit authority’s lawyers, the site was quickly redacted, with all references, copyrights, and trademarks scribbled out in the style of confidential documents. This, of course, elicited another round of coverage from the local media, heaping scorn on the transit authority’s handling of the situation. What started as a simple design experiment launched in the middle of the night escalated into an example of how not to respond to social media and satire online. 

The static site was designed and built using JavaScript, CSS3, Sass, and Compass.

DCist extensively covered the parody site, from launch to cease and desist to the final redaction.


I fell in love with design and code in 7th grade when I built a webpage in Microsoft Word.

Hosted on GeoCities, it was a middle schooler’s dream of Star Wars: lightsabers, starfields, hyperspace, character profiles, and, of course, the Mos Eisley cantina band song playing in a MIDI loop in the background. Since then, I’ve grown up alongside the web — the introduction of CSS, the explosion of JavaScript, the death of animated GIFs, the birth of Flash, the death of Flash, the rebirth of animated GIFs, Web 2.0, and too many search engines to mention (along the way, I taught myself how to make websites a little bit better than that first one). Now I’m a designer for Friendly Design Co in Washington, DC — we’re friendly people doing important work with organizations to repair our world.

I live in Richmond, Virginia. I have a border collie named Logan (yes, after the X-Man). I’m a sneakerhead and font nerd. I organize my closet by color. I was born on a Friday. I’ve been to the emergency room in every place I’ve ever lived.

Do you have an awesome project that needs design, code, or identity? I’m available for very limited freelance work, so 
reach out.

Additional Clients: African Wildlife Foundation, AOL, Audi Financial Services, Clyde's Restaurant Group, Comcast, Custom Ink, Doubletree by Hilton, EVERFI, Habitat for Humanity, jQuery Foundation, Neustar, RAINN, Renaissance Hotels by Marriott, Sweetgreen, Volkswagen Financial Services.